How can we cease praying?

The praying goes on

The recent overturning of Roe has led a few to the illogical conclusion that the need for prayer has ended. While there is reason for joy in the United States Supreme Court’s decision, it is also sad to see people, supposedly of faith and supposedly of the Catholic Faith, not only lament the decision and continue to be obstinate to the 10 Commandments and Church teaching, but to ratchet things up to the point of becoming sadistically vehement about supporting and forcing pro-death laws on the entire country.

Is that what 16+ years of Catholic School education looks like?

It is time we look back at the Jewish History of our Catholic Faith as found in the Old Testament. To remember the era of the Kings, and how the kings and the people turned from God and Church, and towards the ways of the world.

Here is the hard part, admitting we have a problem. Which is, that like them, we too have allowed ourselves to be seduced by the world. Our Lady of Fatima and the Old Testament give us a way out. It is time for prayer and fasting. Time to retrain the body, the mind, and the soul and to get them in tip-top Spiritual shape.

Especially, and most difficult, will be fasting from the ways and comforts, this world is tempting us. Fasting from useless so called Entertainment. And focusing on prayer and spending time with family. Fasting from slothfulness. And saying a daily Rosary. Fasting and spitting out our lukewarm lassie-faire faith, and putting ourselves physically back in the pew and kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament; begging God for conversion of ourselves, our leaders, our family and our neighbors.

Join us July 9th at the Cathedral of the Assumption as we continue to do just that.