Ways to Help

EMW Surgical Woman’s Center  138 W. Market Street   (Second and Market Street)

While the Louisville Helpers of God’s Precious Infants meet at 7am on the 2nd Saturday of each Month for Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption, prayer is needed every day.  This holds especially true on Tuesdays thru Saturdays when many women are led to believe there is no help or hope available to them.              Besides the monthly Mass the Helpers ask that you consider becoming a:               

  Prayer Soldier, Spiritual Helper or Sidewalk Counselor

Prayer Soldier

“Could you not stand one hour in prayer with me?” Matthew 26:40

A prayer soldier is someone willing to make visible the victim by committing to being physically present at the abortion mill. Helpers go there not in protest nor condemnation but to earnestly pray for all those at the mill that day.  We are resolved to remain in love and prayer and put all things into the hands of Mary and her child Jesus, both of whom bore many infirmities at Calvary. So like,  Mary and her Son we too must be willing to endure Today’s Calvary.         

"Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death"

 Look at the Schedule for available weekly prayer times.      

 If you are interested in partnering with other Helpers in meeting directly at the mill for Prayers please contact us at louisvillehelpers@gmail.com        or contact us through the comment box below.               

The Spiritual Helper (HomeBound, for those who can’t be physically present)

You may be bound by work, family or medical condition;  The Homebound hold a special place in God’s heart. If you are unable to travel to pray. Please consider becoming a Spiritual Helper. We ask that you sign up and commit to praying (on a weekly or daily basis) a given amount of hours. You can choose the time slot that fits you best. We especially recommend the early morning hours when the spiritual battle is the greatest.                

Consider saying the Spiritual Helpers Prayer.                

Eternal Father, Author of all Life, I know that at this very moment a precious preborn human life in the womb of his mother is in danger of a horrendous death. However, at this moment, I cannot be physically present at the scene to give witness of your love for this tiny being you knit so wonderfully in his mother’s womb. Nonetheless, I wish to present my spiritual self there and, with heartfelt prayers and supplications, to send Heaven-bound all pleas and urgings that your Spirit rouse hearts to change and stop the killing of these your precious infants.                

Therefore, Lord although I am unable to be at the scene, I offer as a sacrifice all my labours, thoughts, prayers, inconveniences, sufferings, and pains of this day to be united especially with the efforts of those who at this very moment are trying to prevent a precious life from being denied the right to see the light of day. I offer myself with all the sacrifices of the Holy Masses which are ascending right now to your Holy Throne and with all those who are speaking right not to Jesus in the Eucharist on behalf of the preborn, in the hope that even one precious infant’s life might be saved, that one mother might hold her child the day of his birth, that one father might carry his offspring even as your son Jesus Christ was carried by His earthly father.                

Precious infant in the womb, hear my longings and remember that God your Father said that even should a mother forget her infant, He will never forget you (Isaiah 49:15). I, too, united with your Heavenly Father, will not forget you and will unite my prayers and fastings this day with all your spiritual mothers and fathers who either right now are in you physical presence or who are in their homes, workplaces or wherever duty calls.  I join also with the unutterable urgings of the Holy Spirit that labours for your birth.                

Remember, too, God’s precious infant, that even as Rachel mourned her children who were no more (Jeremiah 31:15-17) we mourn and hope that the Mother of all Mothers, Mary our Mother, will turn these fears into a hope that no precious infant of God like yourself will have his life taken this day so violently.                

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of us all, protect God’s precious infants and intercede for them and for us, Spiritual Supporters, who pray and sacrifice daily for their lives, especially for those who at this very moment are in danger.                

Finally, we pray that God forgives those mothers who this very day may make the tragic mistake and end the life within them, but more so God, we pray that this mistake not be made.                

I offer these prayers to you my Holy Father, through the merits of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.                


Thomas V. Daily                 

Bishop of Brooklyn, New York                

February 16th, 1991                


Sidewalk Counselor

The Sidewalk Counselors are the ones who approach the woman going in to have the abortion and ask her to reconsider her decision. It is surprising that the woman often has not been given much factual information about what happens in an abortion. The Sidewalk Counselors educate her about the baby’s biological development in her womb, and help her to understand the exact manner in which the abortion will kill her child. They will also warn her of the physical harm the abortion may cause to her own body. The woman will be provided with literature telling of all the help available: financial, medical, and spiritual.                

     The Sidewalk Counselors will also talk to the father of the baby. If the woman decides to go up to see the abortionist anyway, she will be reminded that the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants will pray for her and
be outside waiting, if she, like others before her, changes her mind while she is inside and decides to come back out.                

If through prayer and discernment you feel called to this ministry contact us at louisvillehelpers@gmail.com or contact us through the comment box below.                


  1. I am requesting that Helper’s of God’s Precioius Children please pray daily for the mission of Lifehouse and for the young women who come to us for help and support throughout their pregnancy. Though they are grateful for the support of Lifehouse they miss their families and friends and fear the future. As we open our hearts to these young women we need to be assured of your prayers for strength to continue to minister to them spiritually, physicallly, emotionally and intellectually. Pray for all our staff as well and for healthy babies and mothers who can, through Lifehouse, prepare themselves for their life ahead, living in a way that we all know God has planned for them as women of God and His daughters.

  2. Thank you for the many good works you having been doing to protect life. May the Lord bless you always.

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