9-11-21 Helpers Mass

evil does not pause for evil – Abortion: the sign of jonah

At the conception of what is now the Louisville Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, we were blessed by a visit to Louisville from Monsignor Philip Reilly, who came here to speak on the Helpers initiative and teach us in the ways of becoming Helpers. Here is a quick recount of that visit as told by Monsignor in his July 2007 News Letter.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: On Friday May 11th I was met at the Louisville Airport…members of the Young Adults of Generation JPII who did an excellent job hosting and running the Weekend For Life in Louisville, Kentucky. I had the opportunity of visiting the famous Churchill Downs Race Track, where the previous weekend the Queen of England attended the running of the Kentucky Derby. I had originally requested the previous weekend for my Life Visit but fortunately the young people convinced me I would not win with that competition. The Adoration and Presentation on Friday evening and the 8:00 A.M. Vigil Mass, Benediction, Brunch and afternoon workshop on Saturday May 12th were all at Our Mother of Sorrows Church on Harrison Ave. in Louisville. After the Mass we drove to a parking Lot on S.5th St. and W. Liberty St. and with a very accommodating Police Escort, we walked in Prayerful Procession to the abortion mill, EMW Women’s Surgical Center where practically during the whole time that we prayed a disturbed woman shouted at us but the people like true Christians kept praying. Eventually the woman became quiet and left. I reminded the people that Our Lord said “Blessed are you when they say all kinds of evil things against you for my sake.” Patricia Horton has already greatly increased the amount of Spiritual Prayer Supporters. Indeed, on Saturday July 7th the Helpers in Louisville already held another large Prayer Vigil, using the walkie-talkies generously donated to them by big John Paduano, a Helper here in Brooklyn who himself counsels on the sidewalk at least four times a week outside of Planned Parenthood. Theo Stearns, T.O.P. who runs the Catholics United for Life in New Hope, Kentucky and who attended the Helpers’ Vigil and Workshop, called me recently to let me know the good news that Bishop Joseph Kurtz of Knoxville Tennessee who wanted me to come to Knoxville to set up the Helpers, was the newly appointed Archbishop of Louisville. The people are blessed to have a strong, active pro-life Bishop to lead them.

As mentioned above, Monsignor provided us with a presentation complete with the truths of abortion, the truths of both life and death, and most importantly how Christ in His Eucharist is at the center of countering the Culture of Death. In those summary of truths was a personal incident that happened to Monsignor that has since remained with me. It speaks volumes of just how committed, and disconnected from both science and the truth, are those belonging to the culture of death. During that talk Monsignor recounted for us the horrific events of September 11th, 2001 in New York City at the Twin Towers. ( A similar account of which is linked here). The Towers were across the harbor and visible to him from his vantage point at a New York abortion mill where he was faithfully praying and counseling that morning. The main point, to which many of us can relate to on that shocking and dreadful day, was how everything stopped. Literally everything. Here in Louisville, it was the same way. Businesses shutdown. People went home. The streets were eerily quiet. In Monsignor’s case, however, there were now two destructions, one that had occurred and one which was ongoing. Monsignor was delayed in leaving and because of such he did not reach the Towers until midnight. Why? Because amidst that great evil, the greater evil of abortion kept right on occurring. That is correct. The abortion mill at which he was praying continued its normal business hours! And Monsignor recognizing the greater on going evil was still active, stood fast and remained praying and counseling at his vocational post at the Mill.

If you were not alive or simply too young to have lived or even remember the events of that September day, you can still relate as the beginning of the Covid crisis in April/May 2020 is very similar. Surely, you remember how entire cities were shutdown and people remained at home, even scared to go or not allowed to go to the Doctors office. In our blog post entitled Money Mill, we talk briefly how our local Mill ignored the current COVID laws and restrictions during that time and how they operated without facing any response from state or local health officials. They blatantly ignored all laws and safety protocols enacted during that time frame, which were made publicly aware and yet faced zero consequences, even to this day.

This Saturday will be no different. While many 911 events will allow people to mourn the 20th Anniversary of those they lost that day with memorial events that will be held around the nation for all to attend, the culture of death will disrespectfully continue regardless of said day and its meaning. One can see the commonality of terrorism and abortion, as both are extreme emotional based responses to situations deemed undesirable. In both cases those who embrace the culture of death encourage others to choose committing violent acts on innocent life as a means to personal happiness. In both cases, the true result is the destruction of society itself.

Therefore, following Monsignor’s example, for we too are called to remain vigilant at our post, we find ourselves resigned to be present praying and counseling.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that there is a choice is to be made by each and every one of us. And that choice is becoming less and less avoidable. Will you choose the sign of Christ entering into His Life in the Eucharist or will you choose abortion: the sign of Jonah?