Aborting Afganistan

“They were just fetal-Americans, not real ones”

Should we be surprised by the recent decisions of the current Presidential administration and the horrific results of their extraction of the presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan? The American people choose to align themselves with a leadership team whose idealogical underpinnings are based soundly in a culture of death. A team who immediately upon entering office began removing all limitations on human abortion. A group, who not stopping there, has sought to expand and force all taxpayers to pay for abortion. Leaders who seek to force health care workers to preform abortions. Bureaucrats who mandate religious institutions provide health care provisions that provide contraception, which is nothing more than abortion. So deeply convicted is this leadership team to these ideas, they often brag about how proud they are to be pro-choice, and for some to have had an abortion.

Ask yourself can an alcoholic limit his poor decision making to just alcohol? Does a pedophile limit their poor decision making to only their vice? Will not their vice bleed over into all aspects of theirs lives? And the more deeply they are entrenched in these vices, think Jeffrey Epstein, won’t these vices more deeply pervade to all the decisions they make? So, are not all decisions by those entangled and entrenched in these sins tainted?!

America is undeniably the birthplace of freedom, making the rest of the world a womb to that birthplace.  For over a century immigrants, who could be considered a type of “fetal-American”, have attempted to enter the country through the birth canal of Lady Liberty. Currently,  the “Fetal-Americans” who were interpreters in Afganistan and who have been fed a taste of freedom through the umbilical cord that is the U.S. Military, now find that they are no longer wanted. That they are too great a burden. Therefore, we should expect no less from a vehemently pro-choice administration then they decide to choose to abort these “Fetal-Americans” in the womb of Afghanistan.

For all those who have had the unmitigated gall to cast pro lifers as single issue voters, we ask you to deeply reflect on your poor reasoning in rejecting the premise of making Life the top issue. Hopefully you are beginning to realize the failings of Benghazi, the failings of Afghanistan, have been not merely poor decisions, but decisions, poorly made due to the fact that the ideological  foundations of President Biden and his cabinet are so mired in a culture of death. And because the Biden administration’s ethos is rooted in a culture of death, a prideful arrogance in their own intelligence allows them to justify leaving not only “Fetal-Americans”, but also fellow Americans to die on foreign soil. This is not an administration that has or will lead by the example of self-sacrifice. Nay, they only believe in sacrificing others to save themselves.