After a Friday night of “protests” in downtown Louisville, the early Saturday morning light brought attention to the damage done on the EMW abortion mill.  Yes, the mill was also damaged by the violent protesting, in the name of Breonna Taylor, ironically, maybe even by people who would normally support them.  The shattered windows, a stark reminder of the shattered lives that are produced inside those walls. The smashed glass a reminder of the smashed skulls and limbs of unborn children, who unlike the mill, will never see the light of day.

The strange times that most of us have encountered over the last two months, has kept so many of us quarantined, home bound, out-of-work and now under curfew. But the same cannot be said for the EMW abortion mill. The wheels of business have never been more brisk. Despite the risks brought about by COVID-19 the mill did not stop and was continually overcrowded, ignoring the social distancing requests of our Mayor Greg Fischer. The Mill also ignored Governor Beshear’s orders for citizens to not cross state lines, and it accepted women from out of state seeking to procure an abortion. 

(It should also be noted that neither of these authorities, who have sworn oaths to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth, did anything to enforce the very executive laws they themselves created. Thus proving their loyalties to their campaign contributing abortion doctors over the health of the general public.)

So in the aftermath of Friday night’s violence, do you think the destruction of several windows from the rioting that occurred just hours before would stop the Mill from running its business?!  No. Not only was there little to no clean up done. No attempt was made to provide more sanitary “medical” conditions. 

Death and Destruction are often synonymous with one another and the exterior of the Mill was finally brought into the light of Truth. One would think that the destruction of the mill’s fake “medical” “clinic” facade and its continued business as usual mentality, would thereby make clearly visible to the women entering, that the “clinic” had no real concern for their health. That the visible destruction would aid them to see the Truth; that only death, not only to their unborn child but to hope itself, lies inside its doors. Unfortunately, it was just another Saturday with money to be made and business as usual. A price paid with the blood of the unborn.

Violence begets violence and only can be defeated through prayer and the Eucharist. Join the Helpers this June 13th at the Cathedral of the Assumption, as we take up our crosses and pray our way to this modern day Calvary.