Self described “Devout” Catholics blessed with wealth, bless poor with abortion

As we listened to this “devout” Catholic speak we were left with the following questions.

How can a “devout” Catholic think children are a blessing for one person and not for another?

Are children only a blessing for wealthy “devout” Catholics and not for the poor?

Are any blessings found among the poor?

Are only the children of married couples a blessing, but one belonging to a single mother not a blessing?

If a “devout” Catholic sees their life as a blessing, why would they support abortion as a solution and not their own life habits?

If one cannot dictate to others to have children, then how can one dictate to others to kill children?

How can one claim to be a “devout” Catholic but not believe the child in the womb to be human?

Is it possible to look at an ultrasound and NOT see a child as really human, but gaze upon the Holy Eucharist and believe that that bread is no longer bread but really God?