10 Questions to the pro-choice who think they are Catholic

Is our Lord Jesus the Christ’s life, the example par excellence, one to which we should all hold ourselves?

Is He God and Man?

Could He have made Himself manifest to us as an adult male at age 30?

Did the REAL part of His ministry begin at age 30 and wasn’t the rest just primer?

Why make Himself humbled to the rearing of human parents?

Why didn’t He just make Himself manifest as a new born at the Nativity?

Why make His human in utero welfare completely dependent on a human woman?

Was Jesus our Savior when he existed fetally in the womb of the Blessed Mother?

When does Mary offer her Fiat to the angel Gabriel, before Christ’s conception, after Christ’s conception or after His birth?

Is the term Catholic an ethnicity, title, or way of Life?