Does Life have value only when Human authority says it does?

Our local police chief, reacts to the recent teen deaths in our community and her statement above can be seen at the 7:35 mark in the video. She then goes on to say with much disgust, ” As a society, I don’t care what part of town you are on, we have got to be better than that. And that is why we are going to be out here, we are going to appeal to the community to help us get this under control. Because no one wants to live like this”

Chief, we feel the same way about abortion. NO ONE wants it in THEIR community. No One wants to really live like this. We have got to do better than to offer the violence of abortion to the poor as a solution to their poverty. Abortion mills are not built in the wealthy ends of town. Why is that? Contemplate the fact that for more than 40 years the propaganda of how affirming abortion is to women has been bantered about. Is the community of New York City better now than then? Is Chicago better? Is Los Angeles better? Is Washington D.C. better? Is Louisville KY better?

The pro-choice liars continue to say how much better women’s lives will be, but what are they really offering the community? Hopelessness. What they are really saying is that your child is of no help to anyone. Is of no help to the mother or to our community. That you are incapable of improving your life. That there is no other way for YOU to succeed. That there is only ONE WAY OUT and that is TO KILL YOUR OWN CHILD. And then they want you to be happy about it. They want the community to celebrate it. That would be like celebrating these gun deaths.

The fact of the matter is, is that we have now created laws that make it legal to kill some people and illegal to kill others, do you really think the poor can’t see or understand that? Do think being a minority or being poor or even being poorly educated means that people in these catagories also lack the basic understanding of the value of LIFE??? Do you think they lack common sense? When you teach people that aborting a life is ok, you are saying life has NO INTRINSIC VALUE. When you continue to promote your violent hopeless solution that devalues human life as the only solution, how then can you be suddenly surprised when this teaching begins to manifest itself in other areas of human living? You convince a mother that she will be happier by snuffing out the life of the child in her womb, soon other members of the community begin to remove the problematic humans in the circle of their life to improve their individual happiness. Instead of lifting up the one, your advocacy pulls us all down.

Violence begets violence. Not some forms of violence. ALL forms.

Science has said that life begins at conception, we say we not only accept the unborn child as human, but as a member of this community. And we Love you. We love you too Mom. You too forgotten Dad. You deserve real support, so ignore the lies. Click the links in the side bar for the Little Way, Lifehouse, Golden Arrow, and the Family Renewal Project and bring hope to your life and our community.