54-Day Rosary Novena begins August 15th, 2020



We have received a prayer invitation being spearheaded by the Family Renewal Project.  A 54-Day Novena beginning August 15th.  You can read about their initiative below.


undefinedDuring this time of tumult and readjustments, many of us continue to feel disjointed and are yearning for unity; we suspect you might feel the same.

Family Renewal Project is organizing and leading this archdiocesan-wide prayer initiative in an effort to unify and strengthen the Body of Christ. We invite you to consider supporting what we believe is one of our most effective responses — turning with Trust through Mary to Our Lord in prayer!

We believe the Holy Spirit has guided us to the 54-Day Rosary Novena, which historically has many associated miracles. Our Lady of Fatima pleaded for every person to pray the Rosary daily and during those apparitions revealed that the “final battle would be over marriage and the family.”

We believe individuals and families will find comfort and peace when uniting in prayer for the same intention, trusting that Jesus, through His Mother and His earthly father, Joseph will protect and guide us.

We hope you will unite with us in prayer!


  • A 54-Day Novena = Consists of praying five decades of the Rosary (one set of mysteries) each day for twenty-seven days in petition; followed by praying the rosary for twenty-seven days in thanksgiving, thanking God for how He will answer our petitions.  We will all pray the same Intention Prayer to begin the rosary each day. Typically, a novena is prayed for 9 days.  This is an extended novena, equivalent to six ordinary novenas (6 x 9 = 54).  It is unique in its admonition to pray in petition for the first half (27 days), and pray in thanksgiving for whatever God gives us in the second half (27 days).
  • Parish/Group Liaisons = We invite all parishes and groups to consider their support of this initiative. A supporting parish or group simply provides the name of a person (staff, parishioner or volunteer group member), to serve as a liaison.  FRP will identify Liaisons who are able to assist with communications at their parish, make pledge/sign-up cards available for those unable to use the internet, advise and assist with distribution of Rosary kits at their particular parish, etc. (All information, cards, kits, etc will be provided by FRP).
  • Rosary Kits = Each kit will include: a Rosary & how-to pray a rosary leaflet, an attractive Intention Prayer card that can be placed on a prayer table, dinner table, night stand, etc. (designed specifically for this Novena), instructions & daily schedule for the Novena, basic info about FRP, a Spiritual Communion Prayer Card and more.
    • * We want to thank Our Lady’s Rosary Makers, 4611 Poplar Level Road, for providing all the rosaries and How to Pray the Rosary leaflets that will be included in each kit.

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