August 11th Mass-Working to share Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ, as we heard from Friar Paul Schloemer today, all of us have goals in life. Like an olympian, whose goal it is to work and train every day to win a medal in their event,  we as Catholics who have made it a goal to put an end to abortion must work and train through prayer and fasting. In doing so we can help others attain Heaven through the Hope that is Christ. And not only them but ourselves as well.

How very special it was to have Adoration and Benediction today on the Feast day of Saint Claire.  As Friar Paul told us today, Saint Claire was adoring The Blessed Sacrament when an attacking army raided her town. The citizens of Saint Claire’s town tried to get Claire to leave, but she refused. As the army neared, Saint Claire brought The Blessed Sacrament to the army and held it before them. The army witnessed Jesus and turned away.

Like Claire, we should attempt to share the greatness of Jesus Christ with others. St. Claire, Pray for us.