When does free will become heresy?

When the Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi, stands at a podium espousing her view of Catholicism, a view she willing admits is in direct opposition to the Apostolic Authority of her Bishop, at this point haven’t we gone far beyond the question of being a “Devout Catholic”? About even being able to avail oneself to communion? Aren’t we speaking of heresy?!

According to Question 11 of the Summa Theologiae:  “heresy is a species of unbelief, belonging to those who profess the Christian faith, but corrupt its dogmas.”

Mrs. Pelosi says,”The archbishop of the city, that area of San Francisco, and I have a disagreement about who should decide this. I believe that God has given us free will to honor our responsibilities.”. This is not some private conversation but one that she has put forward publicly and freely. Reiterating, first she says that she and the Archbishop have a disagreement. This implies a current condition, not one that was merely in the past. Secondly, she makes public the reasons for that disagreement, and preaches as fact, that each individual’s Free Will given by our Creator allows one to make not only our own choice about a moral matter, but that it is ok to do so, as long as we are honoring OUR responsibilities, FIRST. In other words, as in putting our own individual desires first as a way of honoring God; No self-sacrifice or self-denial in her church. Is she not espousing a system of belief that says that our Free Will gives us the moral latitude to disobey the words of Jesus Christ, the Ten Commandants, the Code of Canon Law, and quite frankly common sense, as we “honor OUR responsibilities”; instead of Honoring HIM, our Creator? She then goes on saying how her children are a blessing which by that implies, by self-example and between the lines, that if you are not wealthy you clearly are not blessed with the ability to care for children and you have the responsibility to get rid of them. This attitude of proud disobedience is one reminiscent of the First sin, but worse as she has that first failure as an example of the destruction brought from disobedience.

Mrs. Pelosi is preaching HER own made up faith to the world and trying to put a Catholic wrapper on it. At 1:08 she begins her sentence with “I believe”. What does ” I believe” mean? Is that not an expression of Faith and the very one we use in the creed? “I believe” corresponds to what a person holds dear. Used in her self chosen context it is clearly a religious expression. Mrs. Pelosi goes on to preach to all the world, through example and by implication, by implying that you must be capable of birth to have a say about the life of the child in the womb. The implication being that that alone suffices as proof for possessing the necessary authority over the Archbishop in a moral matter.

This is a very public forum that this particular supposed Catholic possesses and she is clearly taking off her political hat and attempting to fashion a Catholic facade. It is one thing to use the Faith to get votes or public approval, it is quite another to create confusion and promote disobediance. This goes beyond just simple questions and answers, as Mrs. Pelosi is not speaking as a politician, but supposedly as a self-described woman of Faith.

Unfortunately, it would appear to be the faith of Abortionism, clearly a heresy.


Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Fransisco has called for a National Prayer Campaign for Mrs. Pelosi. A rose and a Rosary is the name of the campaign and you can sign up to pray by going to https://benedictinstitute.org/rose-and-a-rosary/

2nd Update 5-20-2022

Acting in Pastoral love the Archbishop has deemed it necessary to ban Mrs. Pelosi from receiving Communion. Read his statement here. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/251315/read-the-letter-from-pelosi-s-archbishop-barring-her-from-communion