Creating a Spiritual Bouquet for Archbishop Kurtz

In another month, May 15th, 2021 to be exact, we will once again be celebrating Mass as Helpers with Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. The Archbishop has been very supportive of the Helpers over the years, very often saying Mass twice a year. In thanks for that support we would like to create a Spiritual Bouquet for the Archbishop.

This is your opportunity to give a spiritual gift to the Archbishop. 

It might be; an additional Holy Hour, having a Mass said on his behalf, a Rosary or Chaplet, volunteering at the Little Way or Lifehouse, donating to Billboards for Life or Holy Family Radio, etc.

Obviously there are countless ways to give from the heart and we hope that through some spiritual reflection you will give to our heavenly Father your time and talent in sacrificial thanksgiving on the behalf of the Archbishop. And after having done so, you can enter  a description of that gift below.

No names are necessary as they will be removed. 

Just a brief description of your spiritual donation big or small.

We will gather these spiritual flowers done on the Archbishop’s behalf and present both a summary list, as well as each individual entry that you send us, to him at the 7am Mass on May 15th at the May Helpers vigil.

We are asking that you complete your gift(s) and send us your spiritual efforts by Mother’s Day – May 9th, 2021.