The Real Presence of the Unborn

The denial of the existence of the unborn and the denial and existence of the Lord.

Throughout the course of human history there has existed a denial of a Creator, specifically the God of Jewish and Catholic Tradition. Satan, always making the most out of the worldly tools at his disposal, has unleashed, in recent decades, a barrage of spiritual volleys directly at the beginning of human life, thus targeting the most innocent of humans – the unborn.  Twisting “science” and mixing half truths with emotion, he has cunningly convinced mankind, many who were educated in Catholic institutions ironically, that the only way one can lift up our civilization is with the elimination of that great burden, our future progeny, the unborn. 

Ignoring common sense as too unscientific, societies through out the first world, have forsaken the self-evident natural laws governing mankind for the idol of self-indulgence. Deluded by a chicken-little mentality, they live in a constant self-created fear of global starvation and overpopulation.  Ignoring their own great wealth and worldly possessions, they lay blame on the unborn the very problems they create, some of which exist only in their own minds.  Has there ever been a generation in the course of human history that has had such an opulent existence?

Forgetting that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, they reduce the pricelessness of human existence, into a butcher shop of horrors, where they justify their rationale for selling infant body parts, create an avenue that further increases human trafficking, and they reduce the well-esteemed and highly regarded position of motherhood to that of human cattle.

Putting aside the scientific breakthrough images that show life’s very separate and unique beginnings and shielding themselves from the images of actual abortions, they incessantly recite and devoutly cling to the made-up ideas that the child in the womb is just another organ. Placing themselves in a temporary state of amnesia, forgotten is the fact that a kidney or liver has never grown up to be president.  And by this purposeful CHOICE they ignore their own humanity, and therefore how possibly can they see the humanity found in the unborn child?  

Because of this, there often seems to our limited minds that there are no words, no languages, no logical reasons that can sway those hearts and minds to the self-evident Truth, of our Lord’s existence. Let us prayerfully and continually place our trust in the fact that, 

“His thoughts or not my thoughts, nor are His ways my ways, 

as high as the heavens are above the earth, 

so high are His ways above my ways

and His thoughts above my thoughts.”