40 Days for Life Leader, Sidewalk Advocate, a Helper, and most importantly a mom.

If you have ever been involved in the pro-life movement in Louisville, and likely even if you haven’t, then odds are you know Laura. A mile a minute, whirl wind of motherly compassion, who is constantly seeking to foster and bring to life motherhood in young women.

The Helpers would like to encourage you to read about Helpers fostering good works through opportunities like 40 Days for Life, and how prayer opens the door of many hearts allowing people like Laura to impact the lives of this community. Positive works of mercy and compassion are often downplayed or completely dismissed by the anti-life side. Laura’s story, and those of our Jeffersonville Helpers, shed truth to the fact that most women desire true reaffirming help, instead of the literal sale of death as a false “hope” for a better life.


Changing Hearts and Minds – and Saving Lives: The Good Work of 40 Days for Life

One day Grijalba was sidewalk counseling and met a woman named Chelsea who was without hope as she and her 3-year-old Alizah got out of a taxi and headed to the abortion facility.

Grijalba described how “the Holy Spirit guided her” at that moment. She said, “You don’t want to go in there and pay $300 for an ultrasound when you can get a free ultrasound … where there are good Christian moms that can help you.”



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