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As we prepare our pro-life Mass schedule for 2019, the theme of reparation seems most appropriate. One of the definitions for reparation is “helping those who have been wronged”.  In abortion the victims of this wrong are the children in the womb, their parents, and yes, even those who work in the abortion mill.

What should be seen as obvious now must be pointed out. It is the children in the womb that pay the greatest price and are the victims in greatest need. They are the weakest among us. Having no voice and devoid of their constitutional rights they are labeled as “blobs”. Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 3.29.13 PMOnce seen as the hope for mankind, they are now treated as a root cause of the “disease” of pregnancy.  We stand in prayer outside the mill to give them voice and to acknowledge their humanity. We go to cry out to God in prayer as we see our hope destroyed.

The second victims are the parents, as they are sold a story of hopelessness. The great advocators of abortion like Margaret Sanger, thought of parents in their position as the underlying cause of the disease of poverty and human weakness. Filled with pessimism and self-righteousness, the “enlightened” voices of our modern day continue is this vane, providing a so-called solution that consists of the destruction of the child, and therein the family. Individual Helpers spiritually lean on one another in prayer at the mill, as proof and witness that HOPE is present.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.24.01 PMHope, provided through the actions of our friends, like The Little Way, Lifehouse, The Golden Arrow, Sidewalk Advocates, Sisters for Life, 40 Days for Life, Rachel’s vineyard, St. Bernadette’s Diaper Bank and countless parish outreach programs willing to disprove the lie of HOPELESSNESS.

The final victim is those who work at the mill. Nothing more than middle management, they are trained to see abortion as the end all and perfect solution. A solution whose theory is based on the child-phobic pessimism of Margaret Sanger.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.12.43 PM

Living in a work place filled with human dismemberment they ignore the trauma that is unfolding before their eyes, and fail to see the life long anguish it inflicts on women.
As Helpers it is for these workers that we also stand. We are a church of sinners, but take with us the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, who has the cure we all need. For he is HOPE. He not only brings Love —HE IS LOVE ITSELF. With HIS guidance we can find TRUE ways to serve those around us.



As always the Helpers would like to begin by thanking Archbishop Joseph Kurtz for his example, by being the first to sign up.  The Archbishop will be celebrating Mass for the Month of June.

For many years now, despite a very busy schedule Archbishop Kurtz has celebrated Mass for the Helpers. His pursuit of conversion through Charity is a reminder of our
Christian calling as we seek to share the message of Christ’s Hope with the hearts and minds of every man and woman in this city, in our nation and through out God’s world. As the Archbishop reminds us we must do so using the 3 C’s – Charity, Compassion, and Civility.

So come out and give witness to life.

We also give THANKS to all those parishioners at the Cathedral of the Assumption for providing us a place of worship.







Use this link to ask your Parish Priest to consider celebrating Mass with the Helpers.

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