Give Thanks for Family Life at the November Helpers Mass.

Halloween has just passed and the fading colored leaves swirl in the Autumn winds. We remember those great examples of the Faith during All Saints Day, and recall all those who have touched our lives, but are no longer with us, on All Souls Day.  Yes, we have reached November. Next we encounter Veterans day, when we remember those who sacrificed themselves for our freedom. And soon our thoughts will turn to Thanksgiving, where family gathers together around a wonderful meal.Image result for halloween thanksgiving all saints day catholic art

What if I told you that the Helpers Vigil was a culmination of all these? Like Halloween, the “goblins of this world” try to scare us from standing for Truth.  They disturb our nature. However, as we gather for Mass, we are soon joined by the Church Triumphant and All Her Saints that Day. We are reminded that we do not belong to this world, and so eases our anxiety.  We seek the Saints’ intercessory prayers for us, the weak on earth.  In sadness we recall All the little Souls whom we did not have a chance to meet, as they were sacrificed at the altar of abortion. And it is in THAT moment that we are moved as soldiers of Christ to sacrifice ourselves in prayer with those veterans of the Faith who have gone before us. Seeking to follow their sacrificial example we go out  to our brothers and sisters in Christ inviting them to come back home to dinner. Come home to the Bread of Life. Come back to your family.

The Louisville Helpers will meet for Mass November 10th at the Cathedral of the Assumption @ 7am. Our Celebrant will be Fr. Bill Hammer of St. Margaret Mary Parish.


Free surface parking  can be found behind the Archdiocesan History Center, which is located just across the street from the Cathedral. Easiest access to the lot is found from the Armory Place entrance.
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