Pondering First Day photos

Are first day of school photos really the celebration of education, accomplishment and personal growth? On a surface level, sure, we all like to showcase our family’s milestones. Look how big Johnny’s getting. Remember Chris’s first day of kindergarten? Hard to believe Amber is already starting college?

class73 first day

If we try to look a little deeper, we might ask ourselves, “Why do we enjoy those pictures and times so much?” Why do we enjoy not only our own milestones, but the moments of others and their photos as well? Isn’t it the celebration of family that we really enjoy? We love taking and enjoying pictures with brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins and even friends, who are like family. If we reflect a little further, isn’t it really the celebration of Life we are enjoying? Of happiness found in spending time with those we love? Of attempting to share our love with family and friends we care about via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? How many will comment that they wish time would slow down?


How repulsed or offended would we be if someone attacked these photos verbally?
Wouldn’t we expect our friends and family to help us defend such attacks?
Well then, why are we shocked when people who identify as PRO-LIFE, advocate against organizations that destroy someone’s physical and personal growth? Why aren’t we repulsed and offended when people choose to support organizations like Planned Parenthood, who claim to build families? These groups work to convince us that familial happiness can only be achieved by the destruction of another family member. What logic is there in supporting organizations that possess such a dismal and pessimistic outlook? Who backs an organization whose mission statement is based on hopelessness? Who advocates for destroying the present in order to create a future? A future happiness based in material opulence.


We join teams, form groups, organize into unions, and gather as community because we find happiness in solidarity. Comfort and support, when we are with one another. Don’t the best organizations help you to lift up not only yourself, but also those around you? Don’t the strongest families support one another? Why would anyone advocate not merely weakening a family, but destroying it?