Pope Francis asks people to dedicate May 24th prayers for the victims of devastating floods in the Balkans and for the Catholics in China


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***Life Alert***
International Human Crisis – Prayers Urgently Needed
Dear Pro-Life Community,
In a series of appeals made at the end of his general audience
Wednesday Pope Francis asked people to pray for the victims
of devastating floods in the Balkans and for the Catholics in China.
Pope Francis and the Bishops ask for continued prayers
for our brothers and sisters facing war and oppression
in the Ukraine, Central African Republic, and Syria.
“My thoughts go out again to the people of
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia,
who have been hard hit by floods,
with subsequent loss of life, numerous people
displaced and extensive damage.
Unfortunately, the situation has worsened,
so I invite you to join me in prayer
for the victims and all those who are
suffering from this calamity.
Let our solidarity and the concrete support
of the international community not be lacking
to these our brothers and sisters.”


On May 24, we celebrate the liturgical memorial
of the Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians,
who is venerated with great devotion
at the Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai.
I ask all the faithful to pray that,
under the protection of the Mother Help of Christians,
Catholics in China continue to believe, to hope, to love
and to be, in all circumstances,
a leaven of harmonious coexistence among their fellow citizens.





Central African Republic:





In Christ,

Ed Harpring
Pro-Life Coordinator
Archdiocese of Louisville
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