March 8th 2014 Mass update

Helpers please read this news for tomorrow, Lent presents many difficulties, we can use them as excuses or we can see them as opportunities for greater witness. Naturally, that greater witness comes with greater costs.
It would seem that tomorrow there will be a marathon downtown.  Here are the road closures as listed on the city’s website
Saturday, March 8, 2014 – Rodes City Run
6:30 am – 11 am Broadway from Brook Street to Second Street
7 am – 11 am Broadway from Fifth Street to Third Street (Fifth Street will remain open northbound) Third Street will remain open to cross traffic until 7:30 am
The walking portion looks to be unaffected. However, the ride in may be a bit of a challenge. Please give yourself some extra time and don’t let this Lenten inconvenience keep you from witnessing to the TRUTH.