Mass Dates for 2014 & Celebrant signup page

Our Lady of Gaudelupe
*All masses are celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of each month, with the exception of Mother’s Day weekend in May.

We have confirmed the Mass Dates for 2014. Thanks to Fr. Jeffrey Nicolas and all those at the Cathedral of the Assumption for providing us a place of worship.

Please ask your Parish Priest to consider celebrating Mass with the Helpers.

January 11, 2014-Fr. Martin Linebach

February 8, 2014 –

March 8, 2014- Fr. Terry Bradshaw

April 12, 2014-Fr. Pat Dolan

May 17, 2014*-Archbishop Kurtz,  Fr. Martin Linebach, Deacon Tom Roth

June 14, 2014-Fr. Nicholas Brown, Deacon Louie Dugan

July 12, 2014-Fr. Pat Dolan, Deacon Tom Roth

August 9, 2014-Fr. Frederick Klotter, Deacon Ted Luckett

September 13, 2014-Fr. Gary Padgett, Deacon Louie Dugan

October  11, 2014-Fr. Philip Erickson, Deacon Ted Luckett

November  8, 2014-Fr. Pat Dolan, Deacon Needed

December 13, 2014-Fr. Chuck Walker

If you are a priest or deacon and would like to sign up for one of these dates you can contact us using the form below.

Check the date(s) that you wish to celebrate. THANKS.