January 2012 Mass

BRRRRRR! Thanks to Fr. Gary Padgett for leading us in the Rosary on a penitentially cold winter day. Like Levi and Saul, our Lord calls on us sometimes in ways and at times we don’t expect. In the same way, Fr. Padgett’s homily reminded us, that our Lord hears our prayers and answers them in ways and at times we may not expect. And as Roman Catholic’s we are called to look beyond the need for instant gratification but trust in the Father’s divine timing. Fr. Gary then spoke on the consecration of the most Holy Eucharist.  How ordinary bread and wine are consecrated and made Holy by the infusion of the Holy Spirit; and that similarly that same Holy Spirit, that knows us before we are born, infuses us with holiness at our own conception.  We pray that all people will one day accept the gift of this infusion and allow our Lord to make full use of all his peoples.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.