September 10th Mass 2011

Wasn’t the September Mass just beautiful. Especially during Benediction, when the sunlight poured through the stained glass, illuminating the incense as it gently carried our prayers, for the unborn and ALL those affected by abortion, to our heavenly Father.

Fr. Martin Linebach reminded us that Christ died to save sinners.  And that we too are sinners. Therefore he has died to save US.

He also said there are 3 things that are easier said than done.

  1. Obedience – To God and His Church by following the commandments and church authority
  2. Faithfulness – To Jesus. For example, by imitating Mary and her ability to forgive those who crucified her son.
  3. Hope – Follow the Blessed Mother  with hope. Mary wants to lead us to her Son. Though her heart too a sword did pierce as her Son was crucified before her very eyes, she retained hope in Him and His plan of salvation for those who come to Him.

The accomplishment of these things will lead us closer to Christ and allow us to be able to forgive other people. With a strength to forgive not merely seven times but seventy-seven times.