July 2011 Mass

Thanks to Fr. Martin Linebach for celebrating the July Mass.

Fr. Martin reminds us that:

  1.  We too are called to stand vigil at the abortion mill with our brothers in Christ as God’s children return to receive his Mercy.  Similar to the way  our first reading from the Old Testament recalled how Joseph and his brothers stood vigil with Jacob on his death-bed.
  2. And just as Joseph’s brothers sought forgiveness, God’s mercy exists for all those who repent and make reparation for their wrong doings.
  3. Finally, the Gospel reading from Matthew reminds us that everyone who acknowledges Jesus before others, he will acknowledge before His heavenly Father.  But whoever denies Him before others, He will deny before His heavenly Father. Just as Christ makes himself manifest in the Most Holy Eucharist, we too are called to make Him manifest for all the world.