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Catholic Conference of Kentucky
The Catholic Conference of Kentucky (CCK) is an agency of the Catholic Bishops of Kentucky, established in 1968. It speaks for the Church in matters of public policy, serves as liaison to government and the legislature, and coordinates communications and activities between the church and secular agencies. There are 406,000 Catholics in the Commonwealth. The Bishops of the four dioceses of KY constitute CCK’s Board of Directors.

Keep Prolife Legislation Alive! If You Already Called We Thank You. But If You Haven’t, Please Call 1 800 372 7181 Now!

“The legally sanctioned taking of the lives of the most vulnerable human beings in our midst erodes respect for all human life. A society that fails to stand on the side of life plants the seeds of its own destruction.” (Catholic Conference of Kentucky, Reverence for Life – the Pursuit of Justice, updated 1999)

The House Committee on Committees has assigned several prolife bills – SB 9, HB 215, HB 243, and others to the House Health and Welfare Committee where they will certainly die, even if the Chairperson, Rep. Burch, allows a hearing. With a committee of 16 House members, it takes 9 of them to move a bill to the floor.

There are 8 solid NO voters who will block every prolife bill. Not one of these 8 Representatives will change their vote to YES and send any of these bills to the House floor because each knows that these bills would pass in the House.

SB 9 is about informed consent and the use of ultrasound, HB 215 and HB 390 (filed yesterday and not yet assigned to committee) applies to the pain a child in the womb feels and HB 243 would end the practice of out of state pregnant juveniles coming to Kentucky judges to get permission for abortion, rather than going to a judge in their home state.

All of the bills above need to be assigned to a committee which will give them a fair hearing and a vote on the merits of the bill. HB 243, a matter of court jurisdiction, should be in the House Judiciary Committee. In addition to other areas of law this committee has oversight over matters pertaining to the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, circuit courts and district courts and family courts. Other prolife legislation could be sent to a House committee such as Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety or State Government.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Call 1 800 372 7181 and leave a message for the members of the Committee on Committees (listed below): “I am calling to ask that you meet and reconsider the assignment of SB9, HB 215, and HB 243 to other House committees for fair consideration. HB 243 should go to House Judiciary. I urge you to assign SB 9, HB 215 and the newly introduced HB 390 to the Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee. It is time to stop killing prolife bills by placing them in the House Health and Welfare Committee.”

Rep. Greg Stumbo [Chair]
Rep. Rocky Adkins
Rep. Larry Clark
Rep. Robert R. Damron
Rep. Jeff Hoover
Rep. Tommy Thompson